“An empowering, deeply personal experience which will resonate with me in my everyday life. A journey far beyond a walk, with wonderful people and a lovely gentle spiritual aspect to uplift and inspire!” – Barbara, USA

“This pilgrimage is a great opportunity to experience Brigid, nature and our celtic heritage in the present moment.” – Aoideen, Ireland

“Walking this pilgrimage way for three days in the company of fellow walkers was great fun and very reviving.” – SJ

“An uplifting and other-worldly spiritual experience.” – James Donal Faulkner, Ireland.

“A joy of a walk flanked with sacred oak, ash and hawthorn. The pilgrimage rebalanced the male and female within me and brought me closer to the land and mysteries of Ireland and the Brigid, the goddess within. Wonderfully led from behind by Dolores and Karen – two fun-loving, inspirational modern Brigids. D’eirigh an bothar linn ar fad.” – BR

“Brigid’s way is a wonderful experience of fellowship, celebrating our national goddess and female saint, and connecting with the Irish landscape and ancient Celtic Spirituality. I found it most healthy and enriching!” – Alice, Ireland.

“It was a great honour to walk this most ancient of routes; And to share the experience in community; And to be facilitated so graciously. Le Beannacht agus Buiochas o chroi.” – Sile and Jim, Ireland.

“Very special way to see Ireland and feel its sacredness and to retrace the steps of Brigid; to walk together in community and to share ceremony was soothing to the soul and uplifting for the spirit.”

“I am filled with gratitude for the personal awareness and insight I got into a situation in my life, accepting it handing it over and letting go of if and now watching it turn a round. Brigid helped me her way. Thank you Brigid Way.”

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