“When asked about what it was like to go on pilgrimage, I often find it hard to find the words because the experience was so profound, so life changing that words are often inadequate.

I had wanted to visit Ireland since I was a very small child but knew that it couldn’t just be as a tourist. When I saw the write up for the Pilgrimage, I immediately knew that this was the way that I was meant to finally make my trip. It was no small decision as I had 1 1/2 months to make all the logistics come together.

It was the best decision I ever made. From the moment I decided to go, things began to appear to make it come together. That flow continued as I met my fellow pilgrims and the connections happened as if we were long parted friends and not strangers.

It was with those connections that I was able to walk as a true pilgrim – seeking to find not just myself but a deeper connection to this land that had been calling to me for so many years. I had not truly understood what had brought me there but the journey but as the days passed, I was slowly broken open until I could finally hear the voice of Brigid, the voice of Ireland and of my ancestors who had been forced to leave this land so many years ago. I felt my heart open and full in a way that I cannot possibly describe and that I carry still until this day.

My life has been changed forever from my time on Brigid’s Way. I am more open, more trusting and deeper into my faith. I feel the strength of my Irish ancestry in my everyday life. It was the hardest and most rewarding thing that I have ever done and I am grateful every day for the newsletter that brought it to my attention. ”

– Robyn Mellish, USA.

“I had wanted to get to Ireland for many years to explore the land my ancestors had once walked. When I heard about the Brigid’s Way pilgrimage, I was mainly intrigued by spending my time there walking with and speaking with the Irish people on the trip. It seemed to me to be the best way to get to know Ireland. What I discovered when I got there was that this was in fact the best way to not only explore Ireland, but also to develop deeply personal relationships with people not only from Ireland, but from around the world as well. I not only discovered new friends there, but I also found family in these new friendships. Ireland and her people are every bit as beautiful as we all imagine. My only regret is that I can’t make it back this year!!”

– Kara Callahan, USA.

“I am the daughter of 2 lands, Australia and Ireland, both ancient with immense wisdom. Brigid had kept calling to me over the years and then I read an email about Brigid’s Way in 2013. Within 30 hours of reading about it, I had registered and booked flights to Dublin. During the Pilgrimage our group came upon a Famine Stone and stopped for reflection. I was overcome with the realisation that the urgency for me to be present on this Walk was to “bring my Ancestors home.” All of them had left their loved ones, language, music, the land which knew them, between 1840 and 1910, never to return. I had carried this cellular memory from all these dear ones, and so I spoke of them, and I wept my tears for them amidst those dear fellow pilgrims. How apt that we walked in Brigid’s footsteps. My lightness of being which followed was witness to that. Since the first day of the Pilgrimage, Brigid walks with me in my day to day living through meditation, her “nudges” and she is especially present with my Aboriginal Elder Spirit guide when I lead Meditation groups, Ceremonies at Equinox and Solstice, New Year. Blessings, many thanks and love to Karen and Dolores for issuing the call to Brigid’s Way 2013.”

– Mary O’Meara, Australia.

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