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When walking any section of the Pilgrimage, these tips may be valuable to help with your preparation.

Other Items

Personal Equipment: Sun cream (high protection factor) & insect repellent (infrequently required) Hat for protection against the sun during daytime/Wool Hat for evenings. Pack for all weather. Sunglasses (optional) & personal prescription glasses. Hiking shoes or light summer boots. Heavy hiking boots are not ideal for country road trekking.

Compeed Plasters or similar purpose made Plasters for foot blisters. Warm clothes for the evenings and nights, fleece jacket or thick sweater (you can Google to check the temperature and weather nearer end June/early July.) Light hiking trousers that zip at the knee to become shorts are widely worn in Ireland at this time. Pack lightly. Laundry services will be available in Kildare. Rain Gear (it is Ireland after all) We recommend light leggings and jacket type which are easy to carry. A walking stick if you use one – a telescopic one if flying from abroad.

Biodegradable moist, environmentally friendly sanitary wipes for calls of nature en-route. A stainless steel hiking water bottle is optional, (more hygienic than plastic in the heat). Earplugs, for sleeping in noisier environments. Suggested other items to bring include lavender oil for calming, arnica cream for sore muscles or magnesium oil spray for cramps and tea tree oil as an antiseptic an ankle or knee support bandage. Bach flower Rescue remedy or Australian Bush Flowers emergency essences are wonderful for any emergency situations.

Camera & battery rechargers. If bringing your mobile phone or other electrical equipment, bring an adaptor. If coming from abroad make sure to check what is the best way to use your phone to avoid “high roaming charges”.

A Journal to record your experiences.

Any ceremonial/sacred items you may want to bring that are light i.e. a stone, medal, and picture etc.

When travelling from abroad this advice may be helpful

Money – Euro € / Credit Card / Money Belt (there are sufficient ATMs in Dundalk, Trim & Kildare if you need to withdraw money when you are here).

Passport (carry a photocopy in case of loss of original)

Flight Tickets if travelling from abroad/ Personal Medication/ Travel Insurance (a requirement for all pilgrims)

Please travel light as all luggage needs to be moved each day in 1 support car. Soft bags are best rather than hard cases. If you roll your clothes they will take up less room.

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