TESTIMONIALS: Brigid’s Way 2016

“Thank you all for such a wonderful day, feet were tired but we both enjoyed the day, looking forward already to next time.” Regards, Geraldine McMahon
“This Summer I decided to do the two weekends of Brigids Way with Brigid Beag (who is 4 months old) strapped to my front. Together we experienced the wonders of Faughart and all the beautiful ritual and ceremony of the first day, the arduous 22km trek from Dundalk to Ardee where I had to dig deep and really connect to my warrior energy, the blissful walk along the Grand canal with Swans. Heron and Black dogs as our Guardians and finally to Kildare, the fire temple, Solas Bhride and the Wells where I got to share some of the songs that the great Brigid has gifted to me over the years. Brigids Way has inspired me to reach far beyond what I thought to be true of my body’s capabilities and connected me more fully to Brigid’s profound and awesome inspiration. Beannachtai ar an obair na Bridgi!” Gemma MacGowan, Kells, Co.Meath
“Another wonderful day’s walk with Brigids Way. Thank you all so much for creating and offering such an enjoyable opportunity to walk the sacred paths. I am awed by the power of walking on our beautiful land with intention, and of honoring the rituals and practices of our ancestors. It is very healing on many levels, and I look forward to joining in again.”   Carol, Dublin.
”Thank you so much for leading such a wonderful weekend and pilgrimage.I am still buzzing from all of the experiences and my intention at the outset to be nourished and enriched was certainly fulfilled and then some!! I felt infused by a magical energy when I returned home which has stayed with me along with the faces and conversations with people met, and the many images of beauty symbolism,ideas, inspiration  and challenges!” M C, Omagh, Co. Tyrone
“So glad I went on the St Brigid Pilgrimage and enjoyed it so much and its all new territory for me, I was never @ any of the places before   Fens I think you’ll agree have a primal almost spiritual side to them. Visiting the Healing Stone in the Curragh and the 2 wells, Healing and Garden Well and also Solus Bhríde were new to me and so worth while”.  Is mise, Seán
“The Brigid’s way pilgrimage was just the re connection I needed to get back on my spiritual path. It was wonderful to walk and talk with like minded people. What came across most for was the challenge of carrying the light (within) and keeping the flame burning. We so often stray and focus instead on the crosses we bear. I realised I can put down the cross and listen to the birds sweetly singing and just be. Thank you for your excellent organisation and I look forward the next time I meet you.” Love and light, Marian Gleeson, Kildare.
“Thank you so much to your dedicated team for a most enjoyable weekend.  I really felt a connection to the Goddess Brigid, particularly on Sunday when there was more ritual and symbolic gesture, and the visit to Solas Bhride was a very pleasant experience.  There was great spiritual learning for me over the weekend and I thank you for that, and for making the pilgrim way possible in this way, I am truly grateful and appreciative for all your effort, commitment and courage to bring the Goddess more fully into awareness and encourage more people to know about her and experience her in their lives.  I felt and feel so grateful and blessed to be Irish also and to feel the blood of my ancestors running through my body.  All blessings upon your team for your continued devotion to this wonderful Goddess and saint, and the work that you have done and have yet to do…May your lives be enriched with every breath” With love and gratitude, Bernadette  Lacey 
“Last weekend was my first experience of walking part of St Brigid’s Way, and I look forward to returning to do it again and again.  It was an enriching and rewarding experience, an opportunity to be at one with nature and enjoy the beauty of the path of St Brigid;s Celtic Pilgrimage while in the company of such a wonderful and welcoming group, who each shared so freely their song, dance, story or welcoming smile.  A huge thank you to you for such wonderful organising, so much so that the whole weekend appeared to flow seamlessly, and I went away feeling that I had known so many of the group for much longer than a weekend and knowing that our paths would most likely cross again.  Blessing, Annette G, Ireland 
“Thank you very much for the beautiful gift of St Brigid’s Way.  I thoroughly enjoyed my first walk on St Brigid’s Way.  I found the atmosphere friendly, welcoming and inclusive.  So from the heart, go raibh míle maith agaibh go léir, go n-éirí on bóthar libh.  And I hope to join you on Brigid’s Way in the future.  “Blessings of Abundance, Roisin
TESTIMONIALS: Brigid’s Way 2015

TESTIMONIALS: Brigid’s Way 2015

“A beautiful and deeply healing experience.” – Elaine Ní Chiardha

“A Call from Erin Come walk this land, in the footsteps of our ancestors. Open to their wisdom, insights, and presence. Listen to their messages. Let her wells water the garden of your emotions Connect once again with her ground, the soil and foundation of her form. Allow it to soothe and make healthy your own body form. Let the rhythm of your journey align with the rhythm of nature, With the wind in the trees, with the birdsong, with the call of the wild, With the skies above, with the earth below, with the mysteries. Till the heart sings, till the soul sings, till the fire of spirit aligns you with the passion of your Self and you return renewed.”

“A marvellous walking journey through beautiful Irish countryside with great stories, silence, and shared humanity that unfolded so naturally with the rhythm of our feet on this precious earth.”

“A project of great Hope Dochas link Naomh Bríd.” – Pádraig R Rua

“A pure unadulterated joy! An extraordinary experience that will energize, empower and inspire you in ways that may surprise you. Thank you Karen and Dolores for being a conduit for The Mother of Light. x”

“Brigids Way walk is a great experience and why would anyone go to the Camino when we have this in Ireland.” HR

“I joined St Bridget Celtic Pilgrimage on day 9 and really connected with the other pilgrims & opportunity to be part of this event. It was very well organised and especially loved the stories of St Bridget and retracing part of her journey.” – Gabrielle

“It was a joy and an honour to participate in Brigid’s Way when it passed through my local area. I loved every minute of it and the group was very friendly and great company to keep you going. It was very well organised with the support car which was a brilliant idea and very practical and it also took any pressure off people who were more able to relax and go at their own pace which added to their fun. I loved the idea that each day had a different theme and I found linking the theme and setting the morning intention very powerful. I felt truly blessed to have had this opportunity and to top it off the weather was fabulous!Long may Brigid’s Way continue and grow.” – JS

“Thank you for a blessed, sacred Pilgrimage. During the entire time I felt protected and watched over by the leaders, support volunteers, accommodations and the community itself. The organizers excelled in creating sacred space with each foot step, and a deep sense of kindness and safety from start to finish. The inner work was ours alone. I felt each individual who walked was deeply honored (which in my opinion) created a harmonious community… that seemed to naturally respect itself. A mighty feat! Blessed be!”

“This is a beautiful journey with beautiful people. The night in the woods was an absolutely magical experience i feel so blessed to have been a part of it. A beautiful mix of spiritual journeying and great fun along the way. Mother, Sister, Goddess, Friend, Brigid you guide me through to the end. Your subtle signs, your chants and rhymes, I’m under the spell you so beautifully wound. Fiery arrow, Sigma in the sky, Dancing in moon beams while grown women cry. Give me strength in times of need Give me ears when i pay no heed Teach me to love and grow on your path Teach me to not accept man’s wrath, Teach me to be worthy of your word, Help me Goddess Brigid now that i walk your road.”

“This was my first time on a pilgrimage and the expectations I had before going fell far short of what I actually experienced. It was all beautifully organized from beginning to end and we were helped and encouraged in every way possible. I felt a very strong connection to the Irish countryside and somehow still carry it inside me. My connection to and love of Brigid deepened. There were wonderful magical and mystical moments. I also recognized changes at emotional and mental levels that have been tested since I have been back and have passed the test. I would also like to mention that I had bad news from home while on the pilgrimage and was supported and held throughout by Karen and Louise and other fellow pilgrims with whom I was able to share my grief. To all of you my heartfelt thanks.”

“Walk with Brigid and she will walk with you. Few men dare to be touched by her and few more dare be delicate enough to touch her.” – S.B.