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Dolores Whelan



 Dolores Whelan is a teacher, educator, author and spiritual guide within the Celtic spiritual and mythological tradition who advocates the re-emergence of Celtic spirituality, the protection of sacred Celtic landscapes and the celebration of ancient Celtic traditions. Dolores believes the Celtic tradition is always evolving; therefore it is possible for its coexistence within our 21st century society.

Dolores has been involved with education all her adult life, initially as a Biochemistry lecturer, and for the past 25 years as an educator and spiritual guide working in the area of human and spiritual development. She is author of Your Breaking Point (1993) and Ever Ancient Ever New: Celtic Spirituality in the 21st Century , She is a contributor to  Celtic Threads (1999)  The Quiet Quarter: Ten Years of Great Irish Writing (2009) and Of Constant Heart (2010) and  Brigit: Sun of Womanhood (2013).

She created a CD, A Journey Through the Celtic Year, which explores the wisdom of the Celtic tradition though the Celtic Year calendar and in 2011 co created with US artist Cynthai Matyi a perpetual Celtic calendar. She contributes to discussions on Celtic spirituality on radio and television, her most recent appearance was on Nationwide RTE 1 march 2012 and is a regular speaker at events celebrating Irish and Celtic culture at conferences around the world.



Karen Ward

Karen Ward, Energy Therapist from the BBC’s ‘Last Resort’ & Holistic Therapy Presenter from RTE’s highly successful programme ‘Health Squad’ is author of renowned book Change a Little to Change a Lot: Simple Ways to Bring Balance to Your Busy Lifestyle . She has an MA from All Hallows College, DCU, an Honours Science degree from UCD & practices Counselling Psychotherapy, and Energy Therapy from her Clinic in Smithfield, Dublin. Karen is an established lecturer & facilitator of motivational & inspiring Talks on a variety of holistic health subjects. She & her husband, John Cantwell, founded & co-facilitate a school of Irish Shamanism – Holistic Living – called ‘Slí an Chroí’. They both regularly present workshops in North & South America, Australia, Europe & Ireland. Karen writes for a variety of local, national & international media. Brigid is a guiding light in all she does.



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